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I just entered this program three months ago and it has been one year since I knew it. I was confused what I could learn and what the speciality is, but I do not regret applying for it. Although it is a very young program, each professor is willing to answer all kinds of questions and adjusts the pace. Because of being taken good care of, I think it is a good place for people who want to study in a different way with English course in Taiwan. I am looking forward to its development as it promises to provide chance of exchange which tries to make sure that each of the students is able to study overseas at least one semester. It might be helpful if we are going to work abroad or in an international company. With its full and practical training in English, I believe we will be well-equipped.


What's good about IMES is that I can learn practical knowledge which will be truly helpful to my future career and at the meantime, I can also improve my English ability in every aspect. Also, being in class with students from all around the world is really interesting, we can discuss about certain issue but with different point of view, we can all gain insight from each other's comment. In addition, IMES provides students with flexibility in taking courses, there are only few required courses, so students can choose courses that they are interested in.

Tseng, Yu-ting

As an English major in college and interested in economic, IMES is undoubtedly my best choice as my graduate school. In IMES, I can equipped with both economic knowledge and international perspectives through the courses which are well designed by professors for students in the program are with various backgrounds. Though I met some difficulties during certain courses, fellows of IMES are all willing to help; IMES is the most flexible program which welcomes students in all fields.

Morten-Bo Paulsen

The IMES program provides a wide range of courses suitable for candidates who wish to acquire strong skills in the field of economics and quantitative analysis. What appealed to me the most about his program was the possibility of coupling economic methods with the study of social development. In that respect, IMES is notably distinguishable from many conventional economic programs as it aspires to provide candidates with methods that are applicable to the study of social phenomena. What I especially find enthusing about the IMES program is the great freedom and flexibility that is offered from the diverse curriculum, which motivates students to develop their research interests. That is to say, students are not only equipped with rigorous methods of economic modeling, but also get to design their academic profile by choosing from a wide range of courses from different departments. Furthermore, I’m thrilled to experience close interaction with a number of inspiring professors, which makes me feel that my opinion and daily contributions are highly appreciated.  Also, the environment surrounding the English-taught graduate programs - particularly in the College of Social Sciences – ensures that students from all over the world are brought together to create a great academic and social atmosphere. Finally, the IMES program also encourages you to gain international experience by providing the option of spending a semester at one of NCCU’s partner universities. I therefore strongly advise prospective candidates with interest in economics to apply for this program, as it will definitely provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge that you will need for your academic and professional career.


What pleases me most in the IMES program is the diversity of courses. As the economic and social development of modern society must take into account the environmental aspect. The IMES program allows me to cover these important topics while providing me the necessary to open up to other cultures. In fact, I have met many classmates from over the world and I improved my mandarin as well, so I personally think, it was the perfect place to study a master’s degree.

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